Why Should You Have a Pre-Listing Inspection?

Obtaining a home inspection gives a homebuyer peace of mind. However, it is an investment on the homeowner or agent’s part. So, as a real estate agent or homeowner, does it make sense to hire a home inspector to conduct a pre-inspection?

Here are some great reasons to have an inspection performed before you put your property or listing on the market.

A pre-inspection eliminates surprises.

At Copperhead Home Inspection, we evaluate hundreds of points in your home  – from the foundation to the roof. It doesn’t matter if we’re performing the inspection for a home buyer or a home seller (or their agent); the inspection is incredibly thorough, so if there are any potentially expensive repairs that could affect the value of your home, they’re going to be discovered before you put the house on the market. You also won’t have to wait with bated breath if your prospective buyer has a home inspection performed. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that there won’t be unpleasant surprises.

You’ll have time to fix any problems.

If you as a seller know what is wrong with your home, you can fix it before you put the home on the market – or adjust your listing price accordingly. Home buyers tend to naturally inflate the cost of repairs, but if you know what the problem is ahead of time, you’ll have time to gather professional estimates so that your asking price isn’t reduced more than it should be.

Your listing will make a great first impression – and may pay for itself.

Buying a home is always a risk. Offering buyers a home that is pre-inspected (even sharing with them the inspection report) can give them a sense of security, and place your home or listing in a more positive light. On average, a pre-listing inspection costs less than 1 percent of the home’s overall value – but a positive inspection can encourage prospective homebuyers to push their offers higher than they otherwise would. In this way, both the homeowner and agent benefit.