The home you want to purchase may look good… but you want a home inspector who can look beneath the surface. How great would it be if your home inspector could see what’s invisible? What if your inspector could see the future?

By using infrared thermal imaging, Copperhead Home Inspection can see things that are unseen by the human eye, which means that in certain circumstances, we can tell you what is very likely to happen in the future.

What is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal Imaging uses a specialized camera with a high-resolution infrared lens. It detects the infrared energy emitted from an object, which allows very slight differences in temperature to be visualized in bright color.

How Can Thermal Imaging Help an Inspection?

Thermal imaging is extremely useful when you inspect many areas of your home, including proper insulation, airtight windows and doors, safe electrical connectivity, and safe and efficient heating and cooling systems. It is also effective at detecting plumbing leaks, since a surface area that is even slightly damp will be cooler than the surrounding surface.

Simply put, there is much that a standard home inspection will miss without the vivid imagery of thermal imaging. No home inspection is truly complete without it.